Diana Oh: Creator, Director, Creative Director, and Host
Kevin Hourigan: Co-Creative Director
The Bushwick Starr

NYTIMES FEATURE: “It’s a Sex-Positive Party, Not a Play”

Kate McGee: Lighting Designer; Carolyn Mraz: Scenic Designer; Emmie Finckel: Associate Scenic Designer; Jack Scaletta: Technical Supervisor; Bleu Zephra Santiago: Stage Manager; Gia Doxey: Assistant Stage Manager/Virgil Quester; Annie Middleton: Co-Producer; Wednesday Sue Derrico: Co-Producer; Experimental Bitch Presents: Associate Producers; Madeline Wall: Associate Producer

Featuring: Super Queero Heart Questers: Bloom Davis, Shelley Fort, Leland Fowler, Kevin Hourigan, Mariah MacCarthy, Bryce Nice, Nessa Norich, Diana Oh, and DJ Nessoono

The evening included a DOPE MOTHERF*CKER award, curated by Diana Oh, given each night to a different person/organization who has made amazing contributions in the realms of sex, queerness, and collective liberation, including:

January 11: The Moon Choir, a community choir for queer/trans folks and allies) for singing into our Collective Liberation
January 12: Sandy Hong and New Women Space, a vibrant and affirming community-led event space centered on gender equity, creative expression and celebration of identity
January 18: Dawn Orlando and Funkadelic Studios for their constant support of so many independent New York based musicians
January 19: Russel G. Jones and Blind Spot, an organization that facilitates Salons designed for communities seeking to achieve greater critical thinking around inclusivity
January 25: Clara Yoon and API Rainbow Parents of PFLAG NYC for envisioning a world where diversity is celebrated and all people are respected, valued, and affirmed inclusive of their sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression
January 26: Rej Joo and the First National KQTCON Organizing Committee (Korean Queer and Trans Conference)
January 29: Kimberly Mckenzie and the Sylvia Rivera Law Project
January 31: Shy Richardson & El Puente
February 1: Francisco Ramirez for his relentless pursuit in providing accessible sex advice and education to the world
February 2: Poppy Liu & Amanda Madden of Collective Sex, a critically diverse creative space  that focuses on decolonizing storytelling to destigmatize stories related to sex, body, intimacy and identity