Created by Kevin Hourigan with the Company
Inspired by the life and work of Allen Ginsberg
Yale Cabaret

"This was creativity, in all of its drug-induced glory, just as it was intended to be, on the stage of the Yale Cabaret.... an ambitious and near-perfect set design... presenting new models for integrated technology, light work, and audience engagement.  It is this backdrop, unassuming but indispensable, that ultimately allows the ever-evolving Ginsbergs to find themselves."
- New Haven Independent

Directed by Kevin Hourigan
Visual Art by Alteronce Gumby
Composed by Ian Gottlieb, Dylan Mattingly, and Fred Kennedy

Production Design: Kevin Hourigan
Lighting Design: Elizabeth Mak
Sound Design: Nok Kachanbancha
Video Design: Mike Commendatore
Stage Manager: Avery Trunko

Producers: Jason Najjoum & Rachel Shuey

Additional Contributing Writers/Performers: Baize Buzan, Ricardo Davila, Lucie Dawkins, Ian Gottlieb, Josh Goulding, Kevin Hourigan, Alteronce Gumby, Helen Jaksch, Fred Kennedy, Dylan Mattingly, Lynda Paul, Tori Sampson, Nahuel Telleria

Photographs by Chris Thompson